MOB/ACT: 2 Rounds of 30SEC each:
20x Switch Hip Extenders (SHE)
10xT-Rotation Push Ups (TPU)
20x Inverted Can-Cans
10x Spot Inch Worms
10x Squat Pulls

EMOM 6: 
Min 1: 30x Double Unders
Min 2: 10x Pistols

O-LIFT 15:
2 Position Clean + 2 Jerks @ 70% of 1RM

1A. Back Squat
1x8@40% of 1RM
1x12@50% of 1RM
1x20@60% of 1RM

1B. 5x Muscle Up/ Progressions Or Butterfly

For Reps AFAP:
0-3 Minutes Max Effort Burpees
3-6 Minutes Max Effort Clean and Jerk 50/35kg
6-9 Minutes Max Effort Pull Ups