Saturday 31st Of October 2015 - Halloween!!!!

MOB/ACT: 2 Rounds of 30SEC each:
20x Switch Hip Extenders (SHE)
10xT-Rotation Push Ups (TPU)
20x Inverted Can-Cans
10x Spot Inch Worms
10x Squat Pulls


Before the WOD you will be split into 2 groups:
Group 1- The MONSTERS
Group 2- The PREY

And you will complete AFAP:

800m Run
50x Wall Balls
50x Pull Ups
50x Thrusters 40/30kg
50x Push Ups
50x Shoulder to Overhead
400m Run

And now for the rules- MWAHAHAHAHAHA!
Before the WOD starts each MONSTER will be allocated a PREY.
The PREY will have a 3 minute head start.
The MONSTERS must catch the PREY.
If you are PREY and get caught you will receive a 30x Burpee Penalty
If you are the Monster and don't catch a PREY you will receive a 30x Burpee Penalty