See what our members have to say about CrossFit VSC.

The reason why we started CrossFit was because we had been meaning to try it and liked the idea of supporting a new local business!

Since we started at CrossFit VSC we have enjoyed the variety of the workouts, the results, but most of all the coaching and CrossFit VSC community… we’ve met so many lovely people we love hanging out with. This is why we keep coming back!

We have found the programming at CrossFit VSC very different to other training programs, We don’t get boared with CrossFit because the workouts are so varied.  The skill set needed is also really broad so there are lots of different areas to work on and improve in.  It’s always a challenge but you can also see results.

I didn’t really ever imagine I could do Olympic weightlifting, and get so much stronger that I was!  I thought I was fit before I tried CrossFit but the training has taken my fitness, strength and skills to a whole new level.

We love feeling you get after you have completed a WOD with your fellow CrossFitters. The endorphin rush post-workout is awesome! Followed by a stretch and chat with the rest of the team, it’s a great way to train.

The coaches and community have given us the confidence and encouragement to challenge each other by competing, which is not something we’ve done much of in the past. 
The coaches are fantastic!  Friendly, professional, supportive, fun - and they really know their stuff!  There is a lot of science behind the programs we do each day in order to achieve our greatest gains in a safe and efficient way.

The box has heaps of space and air-flow - and the equipment is great, nothing spared!

Training within a community is fantastic - I push myself harder than I ever would training by myself and you learn a lot from other athletes and boost each other’s confidence.  It’s also heaps of fun!

Don’t hesitate to come and try CrossFit at CrossFit VSC - whatever your level of fitness or experience.  The coaches are excellent, really friendly and professional, and everyone is so welcoming of new members.  We feel safe, supported and challenged by the program offered by VSC and continue to love training there, more than a year after starting, because of the fantastic health and fitness gains we’ve made, but even more so because of the VSC community which makes turning up there so much fun!
— Kiri James, 34 Cameron Martyn, 39.
Like all mums and dads... Time is precious and limited. So when it comes time to exercise I want to get in and get out knowing that I’ve worked on every single part of my body. This is where I have found CrossFit to do all that in one class and more. CrossFit has made me fitter, stronger and reaching fitness goals that I never thought possible but most of all it’s given me a better understanding of my body and what I need to do to get the most from it.

I owe all of this to the Coaches at CrossFit VSC. Their wealth of knowledge, patience and passion for CrossFit and the Fitness Industry is a credit to them all. Classes are structured so that everyone feels like they are being looked after. Their encouragement, enthusiasm and guidance make you feel like you belong. It is a credit to the Box.
Yes, there are days when I struggle with getting motivated but when I’m there, I feel the VSC community joins together to make the day of training worth it. I’ve always walked out of a class feeling better than I walked in and to me...That’s what’s important!
— Lisa Piantadosi, 47
Crossfit has helped me become a better version of myself, I have always been into gym, running, cycling, swimming, surf boat rowing but I have managed to always find excuses to get out of doing these activities, where as crossfit I am yet to find the excuse of I don’t want to go.
To anyone thinking of joining crossift, just do it!! I thought about it for to long and wasted too much time considering doing it, get out of your comfort zone and walk into a box and enjoy it.
— Linley Bertacchini, 23
I love CrossFit for it’s constant variety that pushes you both physically and mentally. I love that no matter how proficient you become at certain movements there is always those movements that are your nemesis, but the feeling when you first get it....GOLD!!! I love that CrossFit changes your opinion of what is possible. I love CrossFit VSC for the people, the feeling of community; no matter what time of day you walk into the box you are greeted with smiling faces. VSC is place you can walk into and leave everything else at door, no matter what kind of day you have had or what is going on your life.
There are a lot of misconceptions about CrossFit, ‘the sport is injury prone’ which was part of the reason I was so hesitant to start in the first place. And there are injuries, as with any sport but we have a good coaching staff that assist with managing injuries. ‘You’ll get too big’ I have lost weight since starting and feel better about my body than I have in years. So I say, let the haters hate, they don’t know what they are missing.
My advice to someone thinking of starting CrossFit, DO IT! Don’t listen to the haters, go to a box and try it, you won’t look back. If you want the benefits of exercise without feeling like it is a chore join a box and reap the benefits.
CrossFit has changed me in so many ways. I feel fitter and stronger than ever. I think about food and lifestyle choices differently. I feel more confident and all of what I am taking away from CrossFit I am passing down to my 2 kids who will now ask me ‘Mummy can I have this or does it have too much sugar?
— Kelly Golmayer,
I used to do Les Mills programs a lot which was great at the time. At the same time, I was doing various bootcamps just to see if I could take my fitness to another notch. But it took a lot of effort to balance the two forms of programs throughout the week, not to mention costly as well. CrossFit feels like a combination all of it into a single hour - great balance between cardio, strength and mobility. It’s got a level of intensity and craziness that I like. I feel a little more stronger after each WOD, be it physically or mentally.
A friend encouraged me to try CrossFit and brought me to VSC one fine chilly morning.
I heard all sorts of misconceptions about CrossFit before starting, and the only reasons why I put trying it off (despite suggestions and encouragements from friends) was because it looked like a fad. Everyone was getting into it and raving about it, and I was concerned that the program would be a “show-horse” - all glamor, no substance.
I love CrossFit VSC for the people. Everyone is really friendly and always saying hello how are you, which is great! I tend to like to blend with walls, and therefore it allows me to hone on my social skills (added benefits!). Coaches are great and are really into technique and form, rather then DO IT OR YOU DIE. It’s just an awesome Box to be with and everyone is generally all smiles.
I’ve just crossed my first year “anniversary” since I moved to Melbourne, and CrossFit has helped me, more then changed me. The first year was really tough because of so much uncertainty in regards to general life and stability, but the rough part was from sheer loneliness from a social stand. Going to CrossFit VSC as consistently as I could, became the comfort blanket when self esteem hit an all time low. Having a focus on what I wanted to achieve with each WOD, helped to keep my focus on life goals as well.
— Melissa Quah, 30
I have been training at CrossFit VSC for the past 12 months. In that time I have consistently hit new PB’s. This is due to our strength and conditioning programming which I believe is well thought out and well executed. Adam and Sam do a great job with this. They are very aware of everyone’s individual abilities and are always able to offer scaling options for new people or modified options if you have an injury and nothing is ever a problem.
I love walking into CrossFit VSC as the atmosphere is awesome, everyone is happy to be there, you know everyone by their first name which means there is plenty of encouragement to go harder, lift more or get another rep. There is always a lot of high fives at the end of the workout.
I would recommend CrossFit VSC to anyone who wants to get fit and have some fun doing it. You won’t be sorry you made the CrossFit VSC choice.
— Scott Pascoe, 50.
I started CrossFit because of my father who had been training in CrossFit for multiple years and introduced me to it.

I enjoy training at Crossfit VSC because of the friendly community that has been established over the time it’s been operating. Crossfit VSC provides an environment where there is no pressure on any individual. The members of the box are not in anyway expected to be the best or always perform at the highest level due to the nature of the box being about making new friends and having the most fun possible, which is what appeals to me the most. Crossfit VSC also provides high level training for members if that’s what they want but it does not at all affect the gyms awesome community. At the box the utmost respect and courtesy is always shown from every single box member and staff member which allows any new members to feel relaxed and at home straight away. The box is a family which cares about every member and that’s what makes me return to VSC.

The box has allowed me to make many new friends and has taught me that I can push myself so much harder than I ever thought. Without attending VSC I would not have learnt how capable I really am, mentally and physically. CrossFit VSC helps people find their true potential.

Crossfit allows an individual to experience all possible aspects of fitness in a fun and exciting way. There is always something new to do which means your knowledge is constantly growing.

The feeling I get after completing a WOD with all my fellow Crossfitters is a sense of achievement and pride that I was apart of a Crossfit workout. Every single workout I do helps my confidence grow and build.

Crossfit VSC has taught me to listen to my body and also helped me learn simple and affective techniques to help deal with soreness which is important. VSC has and continues to help me improve my fitness in all areas including aerobically and helps me build my strength.

The coaches at the box couldn’t be better. The coaches are polite, highly competent/professional , well spoken, respectful and determined to make everyones experience at the box the best it could possibly be.
Also the equipment is of a high standard. The box is clean and spacious, and also safe.

I love training in the Crossfit VSC community because of the encouragement that is always shown. It is always different, there is never anything the same. It is always fun and exciting.
— Kyal Wickham, 17
I joined Crossfit VSC in March 2014 after returning to Melbourne from living interstate. Over the past four years I have been a member or visited many Crossfit boxes both in Melbourne and in other states and I can honestly say I have not enjoyed training as much as I have since joining the team at VSC.

From the very first session I knew this was the box for me, the facilities are excellent, there is plenty of equipment and the coaches are friendly, knowledgeable and passionate. Also, just as importantly, the community was so welcoming, the whole feel of the place is more like working out with a group of mates than going to a gym. I now find myself going for the catch up just as much as going for the workout!

The other major appeal of Crossfit VSC is the commitment to class sizes. The ratio of six members to each coach means you can be sure the coaches are on hand watching to ensure you are using correct technique and to give you advice so you get the best out of your lifts. Along with the number of classes each day, this is something I found unique to VSC, many of the other boxes I went to were over crowded, making it difficult to find equipment and get the best out of the session, in the end it turned me off going.

I would recommend VSC to anyone who is tired of their current workout regime and is looking for something challenging and fun while meeting great people and having a lot of laughs!
— Jess Gilmore, 29
I looked into CrossFit because regular gym life was becoming mundane and I needed a new challenge. My sister also does CrossFit back in ‘Merica so it was also a great way to feel connected to her even though we live worlds away.
I love CrossFit because every workout challenges my body and mind. There’s always some point in the workout where you think “why the hell am I here?” But when you finish you feel like a super human. It’s an awesome feeling!
I love CrossFit VSC for the community! Everyone is so warm and welcoming.
Before I started the biggest misconception I heard was that CrossFit is dangerous. The only danger I’ve encountered so far is how addictive it is.

My advice for anyone wanting to start CrossFit is to not be intimidated or nervous about giving it a crack. Just show up, have some fun and give it all you’ve got. You’ll be so amazed at what your body is capable of.
CrossFit has changed me in the way that I used to work out to be a certain weight, or look a certain way. Since starting CrossFit I am more concerned with my overall health and the way my body performs. I’m definitely more concerned with the weight on the bar than the weight on the scale now.
— Megan Johnson 34
I had stumbled across a CrossFit clip on YouTube and told my brother about it. My brother and I were sick of the culture at our gym (a lot of show boating and inflated egos) and wanted to look into different fitness avenues. He started training with Rob Forte at Frankston as I was on the hunt for a gym closer to home. I was doing a job at the end of Arden St and seen people of all ages and all fitness levels running in and out of the Box. I looked up the website and was straight away attracted to the core values of the box, especially what VSC stood for. I rang my best mate (Jarod Bishop) and he quickly agreed to give it a shot with me.
I love that CrossFit has a unique way of exposing strengths and weaknesses. It can test the fittest athlete and rewarding a weaker athlete in a single WOD, both physically and mentally. CrossFit is not only about physical strength but also mental toughness. Physical Gainz is always a selling point, although for me, a sport that builds grit is most rewarding.
Before I started my mates would constantly wind me up about the CrossFit stereotype that we all see on the memes. It’s natural for humans to have a negative approach to things they don’t understand. Everyone I have invited down to the Box has always commented on how tight nit we all look and the amazing culture the box exudes.
If you were to give advice to someone thinking of starting CrossFit what would it be? In Shia LaBouf fashion “Doooo It!! Just Dooooooo IT!!! Don’t let your dreams be just dreams. Yesterday you said tomorrow. Just Do It!” My honest advice would be to check out a few boxes and pick the one you feel most comfortable in. Not all boxes are as lucky as we are to have dedicated coaching staff and programming catered for everyone.
Has CrossFit changed you in anyway? Bro, check out my bicep Gainz. Seriously, it’s not CrossFit that has changed me, it is the culture, the people and the friendships within VSC that has changed me. I come to train because I love everything VSC has to offer. Yes, that means you!
— Lenny Davitt, 33
As a mum getting back into exercise, a conventional gym did not suit my needs.

I wanted somewhere that would provide me with ongoing guidance as I learned new techniques and challenges. They even advised me on my diet.
I wanted to vary my workouts each time I came in.
I needed to be able to adapt my exercise as my body and strength changed.
I also needed somewhere I could go safely bring the kids along while I worked out.
Once I started CrossFit, I wanted to keep going back.
Adam and the team at CrossFit VSC have provided this and so much more
I have met a great bunch of people to workout with, who no matter what level of fitness, are all extremely encouraging and have become good friends.
So if you are a mum like me, I highly recommend CrossFit VSC, this place will change you if you let it.
— Emma Grillo (Mother of two)
I joined CrossFit VSC a year ago and haven’t looked back. I look forward each day to going in and working out with a great team of people that turn up. I feel like I’ve missed out when I don’t go!
I say team because that’s what it feels like.
Everyone works together to achieve their own personal goals with the friendly help from the coaches. I love the fact that I can join in with people of all different fitness levels and we can all get a good workout.
Not only do we work out together we play together as well, BBQ’s, Dinners and the odd drink lead to a lot of fun and stories.
I could babble on for ages about the great environment and coaching Adam, Tania and Sam provide for us but the simple facts are I’ve lost weight, become stronger, feel healthier and gained some great friends. I am proud to be a VSC team member.
— Mim Carville, 41.
I joined Crossfit VSC in September 2014 after I had been given the all clear from my Doctor to return to training after having a baby. Most first time Mums find it quite daunting to return, but from the minute I contacted VSC I knew I had found the right place. From the first time I stepped into the box I felt so welcomed by the coaches and members. I did not feel intimidated to be surrounded by so many fit looking people but infact I felt very encouraged to be there by everyone. The coaches were fantastic in helping to modify my training to best suit my needs at the start while I was still recovering. They also helped me to set weekly goals so I could see regular progress that kept up my motivation. The care and effort that went into helping me get back on track will always stand out in my mind as well as how welcome my daughter was at the box when I did not have a babysitter available. There aren’t many places I have trained in the past that would welcome a baby into the gym so that I could still get my training in.

The Coaches are an extremely passionate, dedicated and knowledgable team who keep our safety and wellbeing as a priority at all times. These coaches have a unique ability to deliver a one hour program that suits all fitness levels while still challenging the more advanced athletes.
VSC also has an amazing community attitude which stands out from any other place I have trained in the past. This is a credit to the coaches as they have been the core foundation in creating this community. Not only do we have these awesome coaches but the box is extremely spacious with large amounts of equipment and more arriving on a regular basis to make our box rival others in Victoria.

VSC is a daily highlight for me and I look forward to returning each day to see just what they have in store for us. The coaches can be very proud of the community they have created and the awesome crossfit box they operate. I am very proud to be a member at Crossfit VSC.
— Samantha Szostak, 34
After a few years of the conventional style training in the gym I started to get bored, and once I started to get bored the training quickly started to go downhill. I saw a few videos of Crossfit online and seen these big guys walking on their hands and lifting some ridiculous weights, which got me hooked right away.
The Strength work we do is most definitely a reason I love CrossFit, although in saying that I do love how every workout is always different. I even love CrossFit for making me kind of enjoy running which is something completely new. But mainly I love Crossfit for the way it changed my attitude to tackle things head on not just in the box but out in everyday living as well.
I Love CrossFit VSC mainly for the community and the people. The coaches are unreal and Adam and Tania do a fantastic job of making everyone feel welcome through excellent coaching and there vibes around the box, before / during / and after a workout. Honestly couldn’t think of a better place to train.
Biggest misconception I heard that everyone who does CrossFit never lasts because it is just to physical and it’s only a matter of time until you get a serious injury. Also you must be a Paleo to do CrossFit.
My advice for someone thinking of starting CrossFit, just jump in and do it. It doesn’t matter where your fitness level are at the moment, it will sky rocket no matter what. You will learn plenty of new movements, new things about yourself and your limitations you put on yourself. You will be doing it in a safe and fun environment where everyone is there to see you push yourself to better yourself.
Crossfit has changed me in a huge way, there is obviously the physical changes I have gone through and it’s been great watching my numbers go up on the barbell. Although the best changes I’ve seen are my energy levels in day to day life go through the roof, it’s not only CrossFit that has changed me but the community feel at VSC, the people and the friends are the ones that really get me there every day.
Like to say a big thanks to Adam and Tania for all the countless hours they put in, and how big of impact they have on so many people, Keep doing what you’re doing.
— Rhys Mathieson, 21