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Barbell Tech

Barbell Tech is a class that is dedicated to the Olympic lifts -Snatch, Clean and Jerk. By focusing on technique and using effective drills, and accessory work, this class will help you improve your lifts from the very first session. Barbel Tech is for all levels of strength and fitness and is a great opportunity for you to take advantage off.

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Mobility Tech

Mobility Tech is a class dedicated to teaching you how to effectively increase the range of motion of your body, and get into the most efficient position for any movement we do in CrossFit.

The benefits of this class will go further than just the CrossFit box! With greater mobility and healthier joints your quality of life will improve and the longevity of your training will greatly increase.

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gymnastic tech

If you want to take your strength to a new level while developing the ability to do some cool gymnastic movements, then Gymnastics Tech is for you.

Gymnastic Tech is a class that focuses on learning the foundations of gymnastics through the use of effective and challenging exercises and drills. Body awareness, strength, efficiceny and style make up the foundations of crossfit gymnastics and we cexplore these concepts in evey session. Suitable for all levels of fitness and strength.

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Run tech

The solution to getting better at running is not just more running, it is learning how to run properly first, and then building volume with this efficient technique.

The Run Tech class is based on the pose method of running, where you learn how to use your own body's mechanics and momentum to your advantage.

This class is suitable for all levels of fitness.