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Registrations close 18th of August

This competition is for all levels of fitness so don’t miss out!!

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Introducing the CFVSC In-House Competition:

'Spring Fling'

Saturday 31st August

Male/Female Pairs Competition

All levels of CrossFit welcomed and encouraged.


Every person who registers for the comp will be put into either a Male group or Female group. On the day of the event, 1 name will be randomly drawn from the male group and 1 from the female group to make the a M/F pair that will compete together on the day.

This will take place at the start of the day in a Pairing Ceremony!


This competition is for all levels of fitness and each event will have scaling options for each individual. Each option will have a different scores attached to it, for example:

WOD 1: (please note this is just an example)


5 Bar muscle Ups

10 Deadlifts 100/70kg


A) Ring Rows and Deadlifts at 60/40kg = 1 point per rep

B) Pull ups and Deadlifts at 80/55kg = 2 points per rep

C) Bar Muscle ups and Deadlifts at 100/70kg = 3 point per rep

Each athlete can pick the option that suits them best.

Please note that both athletes do not have to choose the same option, however they cannot change the option mid WOD.


This competition is all about having fun and getting amongst it!

It doesn't matter what level of CrossFit you are currently at, as long as you can do a class you can do the Competition.

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Registrations close Sunday the 18th of August.

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