Our Philosophy

With our style of Personal Training we will empower you with the ability to do things you never thought you could.  We will build your fitness to a level where you can express that fitness in as many aspects of your life as you want.  Whether its to be able to run a 10km fun run with your friends, do handstands with your children in the park or to look fit, healthy and ready for life, we can help you achieve any and all of your goals.

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Our focus is on performance and making you feel better- this is where true results live.  Forget what the weighing scales say, forget what your body fat percentage is, lets see what you can do with your body!  

Looking good is a bi-product of hard work, and overall happiness is a bi-product of feeling good, so lets work hard to feel good and and make your potential limitless!

Specialising in:

  • Weight Loss
  • Post Natal
  • Rehabilitation
  • Strength Development
  • Athletic and sports development
  • Lasting Results Nutrition 
  • Life Style Coaching 
  • Making Training FUN!

Personal Training Packages  


Intro Offer

 3 x 1 on 1
 30 minute PT sessions

Ongoing PT Packages


2 STAR                                                                        3 STAR                       

Direct Debit                                                              Direct Debit

$80 - save $10                                                                      $115 - save $20
2 x 1 on 1, 30min                                                                   3 x 1 on 1, 30min  
PT sessions per week.                                                         PT sessions per week.


Direct Debit

1 x 1 on 1, 30min
PT session per week.

*Upon commencement of any level up package you will receive a free consultation where measurements, nutrition and goal setting will be addressed in order to design your plan for success.

Personal training times are limited to:
Monday- Friday
7am - 12pm.
To Book your intro-pack today call Adam on 0422 380 505.

Terms and conditions
Personal training memberships are on a direct debit basis only.
No minimum term or lock in contracts, however we require 7 days notice for pause/ cancellations of direct debit. 
Missed sessions must be made up within 14 days.  Banking missed sessions are not permitted.