Mixed Pairs Winter Throwdown 8th August


Simply head to the following link to sign up!



This is a CrossFit competition that will uncover the fittest mixed pair through a series of fun, challenging and relentless workouts that will be sure to push each team to their limits.

Each team must consist of 1 Male athlete and 1 Female athlete.

There are NO SCALING options available and all athletes participating MUST be proficient with the movements and weight outlined below.

Best overall performing pairs for the day will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes.

Movement requirements - You MUST be proficient with ALL of the movements and weights below, there are NO SCALING OPTIONS.


-Double Unders 


-Hand Release Push Ups

-Toes to bar


-Thruster 40/30kg

-Front Squats- 50/35kg 

-Push Press - 50/35kg 

-Over Head Squats 50/35KG

-Power Snatch 50/35kg

-Power Clean 50/35kg 

-Snatch 60/40kg

-Clean and Jerk 80/50kg

-Deadlift 100/60kg

We are doing things a bit differently by only releasing the components of the workouts, however the format of each event will be a surprise that will be unveiled on the day.