Already a CrossFitter

If you have done CrossFit before, then a movement test will be required from you. 

Movements that will be tested are Squats, Deadlift, Clean & Jerk and Snatch.

Once this test has been passed you will be able to jump into our regular CrossFit classes.

For further information please don't hesitate to contact us or you can contact Adam directly on 0422 380 505.

CrossFit Tech

Semi Private
6 x 1 Hour Sessions

At CrossFit VSC we have a great focus on proper technique and effective movement.  In order for us to maintain our high quality standards, every new member must go through our CrossFit Tech course as part of their first 2 weeks of their membership. 

The CrossFit Tech course costs $199 and includes 6 x 1 hour small group sessions that are designed to get you prepared to join in the regular CrossFit classes. 

During these classes you will learn the correct technique for:

  • Mobility and Effective movement
  • Foundation Gymnastics
  • Barbell Weight Training
  • Weightlifting- Clean and Jerk and Snatch
  • Kettlebells, Box Jumps, Skipping and many more CrossFit specific exercises.

As each class is part of a course, any missed classes must be made up before progressing through to the regular CrossFit classes.

Also included in your CrossFit Tech course is 2 x CrossFit Yoga classes for you to experience and a Nutrition Analysis.

CrossFit Tech runs on Monday and Wednesday at 7pm and Saturday at 7am.

Click the "online store" tab and select CrossFit Tech in the menu