Membership Pause Terms and Conditions

To pause or cancel a membership the following stipulations must be met. 

  • Form below must be filled out 

  • Form must be emailed into CrossFit VSC 7 days before pause start date.  

  • You cannot backdate this form

  • Minimum Term of pause is 7 days. 

If an existing member would like to cancel their membership indefinitely, CrossFit VSC must be given 2 weeks notice. Please ensure to check when your last direct debit is and cancel accordingly.

The above is outlined in the waiver which was signed upon commencing any memberships at CrossFit VSC. This can be found on your WODIFY profile.

Membership Pause Form

Name *
Reason For Pause/Cancellation
Todays Date *
Todays Date
The date you are filling in this form
Membership Pause Start Date *
Membership Pause Start Date
Must be a 7 day period of notice as outlined above.
Membership Pause End Date
Membership Pause End Date
Leave blank if cancelling

How a Pause Membership Works
Your memberships are debited on a 2 week cycle.  
When a pause is in place, it extends your billing cycle for that particular membership by the amount of time paused.

For example let's look at John's direct debit schedule for his membership in the month of December.
In the month of December, John's membership direct debits are due on the following days:

10th of December
24th of December

John is going away on holidays during this time and submits a Pause Membership which looks like this:

Start date: 11th of December

End Date 11th of January

John's direct debit that is due on the 10th of December will still go through, as his pause starts on the 11th of December as per his request.  However John's next billing date will be on the 24th of January as his pause has extended the billing cycle for this membership by the amount of time paused.

Please note that if your direct debit comes out on a specific day of the week, your pause will impact this cycle.