Everyone has days were they are super motivated, where you are absolutely on a mission to kick some training butt and crush some goals. Similarly we all have those days were you cannot be arsed to train and the motivation to do so is nowhere to be found. It’s no surprise that days tend to pop up a whole lot more during the winter months.

Now, because we all have those ups and downs, and not all of us are ridiculous athletes there must be something going on here. I’m sure not all of us want to be Crossfit Games level athletes or the likes, but we certainly all want to be fit individuals that are able to achieve our goals and live long, healthy and prosperous lives, that’s why you’re here yeah?

Ever wondered what the difference between mediocre and great is? Its dedication.  Anyone can train when they feel like it, but not anyone can summon the courage to push themselves when they simply don’t ‘feel’ like it.

There really aren’t any top secret keys to success in the training world, however here are some tips that can help change your mindset towards training, and to keep you on track for crushing your fitness goals.

First things first, to achieve a goal you must have one in mind. Now, I’m not too concerned about what your goal is, other than that you have one, and that it is tangible.

So, How do you find a goal to work on? Pick something that you know you suck at first, that’s always a good starting point. This could be anything - pull-ups, snatches, wall balls or running, what it is doesn’t matter.  However try to make these goals performance based, i.e. hitting a new PR weight on a movement, learning a new skill or being able to complete a certain task. These goals tend to be much more motivating in their own right because progress is measurable and trackable.

How do you execute your goals?

Break your new goal up into bite-sized chunks - monthly, weekly, and daily. (Think, little goals of the same nature). E.g. doing a strict pull-up progression 3 times a week before class, or mobilizing for 15 minutes every time you come in.

Write your goals down (somewhere where you can see it), tell your partner, tell your mother, tell your friends (just tell someone) - this will help you stay accountable

Write out a plan to get you there, using your new goal. It might be a good idea at this point to chat with one of your lovely coaches to see how you should go about structuring this step (we’ll also help to keep you accountable).

Execute your Goals:

Get in and start chipping away at it. Just little baby steps will do. It all starts with trying. Easier said than done though right? This is where the mindset stuff comes in handy.

Guaranteed, you are not able to grow as an athlete until your mind is in the right state. It’s important to train your mind as intensely as you train your body. Your brain and behaviors are the keys to a successful and rewarding CrossFit experience, regardless of level.

Try changing your mindset:

  • Treat your training like a job. Make it something you just simply ‘have to do’, a nonnegotiable so to speak.

  • Stop listening to that voice in your head that talks you out of training. The one that says things like:

  • You’re tired, you can train tomorrow.

  • You don’t have enough time

  • You went yesterday, you can take today off

  • You’re a bit sore, training might hurt

  • That workout sounds scary, it might hurt, don’t go.

  • Get excited about your training, remind yourself daily, how great you feel after training, how much fun you have whilst you train or how great it will feel when you achieve what you set out to achieve.

Don’t compromise - Execute the plan!

After all, these are your goals, help yourself out for a change - have some integrity towards yourself. With adaptation, tenacity, and integrity you can do anything you put your mind to. At the end of the day if you are ticking the boxes for your own goals, I know you will feel the effects, whether it be mentally or physically you’ll start to feel a whole lot stronger in no time. And of course, we at Crossfit VSC are here to help you along the way, so never hesitate to reach out to us for help.

Let's Get it!