There are 2 main areas of CrossFit-
-The Sport of Fitness (The CrossFit Games), and
-Everyday Fitness.

The Sport of Fitness is filled with professional athletes that do this for a living, much like your professional footballers, netballers,  basketballers etc

Everyday fitness is filled with regular people that have decided that they want to explore their potential and express their fitness in every daily activity they participate in.

At CrossFit VSC we are proudly all about Everyday CrossFit fitness in Melbourne.

We take everyday school teachers, we challenge them daily with constantly varied workouts so they develop the skills to adapt to any environment they are faced with and take control of their CrossFit fitness in Melbourne

We take your everyday Mums and Dads, we build their fitness in our Melbourne Crossfit Box through functional movements so they have more strength to be better Mum’s and Dad’s. 

We take your everyday Doctors and Nurses, we show them what there Body can do with high-intensity workouts so they develop the confidence in their own ability to handle any situation.

To a CrossFitter, Fitness and health are one in the same. The fitter you are, the healthier you are- simple. 

People think CrossFitters are crazy for loving exercise. We think people who don’t exercise are even crazier because those who don’t, are cutting there life shorter. 

I know so many people who work their buts off in there 9-5 jobs. Always prioritizing their job over their health. They work so hard to provide a life for their family that they will never fully enjoy because they simply don’t have fitness to do so. 

I can guarantee you that your employer isn’t going to be there to help you play sport with your child as they grow up. They won’t be there to hold your hand when you need to climb a flight of stairs because there are no lifts. And they most definitely won’t be there to help you with your recovery from heart surgery because of all the overtime hours you put in and all the years you neglected your health in order to make your deadlines.  

What exactly is CrossFit?
CrossFit is a fitness program. However, every day we are helping people so much that I see CrossFit fitness here in Melbourne so much more than just a fitness program. 

CrossFit creates absolute fitness no matter where your current fitness level is or isn’t. 

This idea that you need to be fit to start CrossFit is simply not true. I say this with absolute certainty because there is no fitness on earth like the Fitness developed by CrossFit. And if you want this level of fitness then the only way to achieve it, is to start with doing CrossFit - anything else will simply make you less effective in the CrossFit realm- if you don’t believe me, come see for your self!

The best way to take charge of your fitness is to get in contact with your local CrossFit gym and get in for your free trial- you will not regret it.