Melbourne’s summer is here, ignoring the odd 18 or so degree day, we’ve been hitting some lil hot spells. As some of you may have experienced, the Melbourne summer heat makes CrossFit training in Melbourne’s Summer Heat just that bit tougher at this time of year. We sweat, I mean like ‘no dry patches’ kinda sweat’, like ‘that person that never takes their top off,
took their top off’ kinda sweat. And what does this mean for our training? Well, just like the midst of winter, we need to just turn up anyway, cause no one wants to be a fair weather exerciser.
However, what we can do to minimise the lethargy and physical impact of crossfit training in Melbourne’s summer heat are:

1 – Drink water – I mean lots of water! I don’t mean refilling that 350ml Mt Franklin or VOSS water bottle (the one you’ve had on your desk for the last 3 months and only use in summer) 2 times in the day and struggling to get through the second one. I am talking getting a big bad boy 1-2litre bottle and chugging it down like free drinks at a Christmas party. Being dehydrated increases risk of injury, light-headedness, poor strength performance and even overall mood/motivation.

2 – Sort out your sleep routine – Do you really need to check FB, Instagram or emails 30mins before heading to bed? Nope… I don’t reckon you do… So best not. Be that guy, the one that sleeps more awesome because he values sleep more than scrolling through memes and tagging people in
entertaining puns/posts. (surely I’m not the only one…lol) The heat can impact sleep at the best of times, so anything you can do reduce the impact, the better.

3 – Sip cold drinks while training – Sipping cool water while training brings your body temperature down a little to help you not get too overheated.

4 – If you do find that the heat affects you too much – take the night off. There is no need to grin
and bear. If you’ve tried all the above and it’s just too much, rest up for a kick arse workout the next day.

Hope this helps with keeping the impact of crossfit training in Melbourne’s summer heat.