Approach It Differently- By Scott Somerville

We all tackle our workouts in different ways, and naturally we often gravitate towards the
movements we already know we are best at. Often the movements that are our weakness
are brushed under the carpet and become part of just getting the work out done.

Regardless of your level of fitness, consider yourself an athlete, even if you don't feel like
one. Approach your time at the box with a clear goal to give purpose to your training.
Focus your mindset on the fact that while you are at the box training, you’re there to
challenge yourself to do better. Better at CrossFit, at other sports, at life and to just be
better at everything you do!

How do you approach your training a little bit differently? Actively set a goal to work on
your weaknesses. If a workout comes up and it looks like this: 5 rounds, 20 wall balls,
400m run, 20 double unders. You may be tempted to smash the walls balls, jog during the
run to use it as a rest, so you can save your energy for the double unders. If you do this,
how will you get better at running? How will you get better at doing double unders while
being puffed out? You won’t. A better way to tackle this workout is to push hard on the run
so you improve at running and still try and keep the double unders unbroken while you’re
breathing heavy. This mindset is what will make you a better athlete.

When you approach workouts you need to look at them in a way in which they will benefit
you and make you better. Hitting your workout like this is going to help you improve your
weaknesses and get you stronger at movements you are great at. There is no point shying
away from your weaknesses and only focusing on your strengths.
It’s not about beating the person next to you at training, don't worry about what anyone
else is doing, everyone is on their own journey so just concentrate on yours.

This is how you should approach training - train to get better. Target your weaknesses.
If you are competing in a competition, then you would most definitely put your focus into
the things that you are best at. We all compete to do our best so using your strengths at
competitions will achieve this. The great thing after competing is that you find out what
your weakness's are, just think back to the Open! This is the great thing about CrossFit, we
are forever improving and getting better.