Outwork the Doubt - How to Use the Open to Become a Better Athlete.

By Adam Winter

The Reality:
The CrossFit Games Open is one of the greatest events any CrossFitter can be apart of.  Not only is it a bunch of fun, but the camaraderie and friendships that are forged through the appreciation of watching someone push themselves to new limits, is life changing!

The other great part of the Open is that nothing uncovers holes in your game more than the Open.  If you haven’t worked on a weakness, the Open will expose your lack of commitment.  If you haven’t been honest with yourself with your progress, the Open will exploit your dishonesty. If you haven’t tracked your training or focused on your development, the Open will reveal your laziness.  And this is exactly why I love the Open and why you should love the Open too.

The Open is the yearly culmination of CrossFit's pursuit to Forge Elite Fitness.  In a world where short cuts, work arounds and instant gratification seem to be everywhere, CrossFit is the cold slap of reality that reminds you, that to be great at something takes hard work, discipline, grit and a daily grind.  

Working on weaknesses is not easy.  In reality it means coming into the Box and working on things you suck at for weeks and possibly months.  CrossFit goals are not achieved in one session, they are achieved over hundreds of hours of work and this is what makes it so rewarding.  This is also what you as an athlete need to understand.  Be patient with your development, be consistent with your work and always ask your Coaches for help.  Time is precious and you don’t want to waste your time on gimmicky progressions or ineffective movements.

What to do now:
The week after the Open is all about de-load, reflecting and rest.  

The Open finished last week and you should all be proud of your efforts.  Make a conscious effort to congratulate yourself and be grateful for what you achieved.

In this downtime, develop a list of all the things you want to get better at.  Put numbers to them and create a future profile that you want to achieve before the 2019 Open.  
Simply stating that you want to ‘get better at pull ups” is not enough.  Exactly How many back to back sets of pull ups do you want to be able to do by this time next year?
Do you want to do a HSPU, then how many HSPU's do you want to be able to do?
If you want to be stronger- How much stronger? How much do you want your Snatch, Clean and Jerk to be this time next year- Be Specific.

Take your time with this and be thorough.  No matter where you are at with your training, rookie or veteran, young or old we all need to get better and you cant reach a goal without a plan. If you need help talk to your Coaches, thats what you pay them for.

Once your future profile is complete EXECUTE THE FUCKING PLAN!

This means tracking your daily sessions and progress.  Use Zen Planner so you always can reference your numbers easily.  Guessing what you lifted or how many pull ups you did last time is not going help you.  Take ownership of your development and committ to the work.

CrossFit rewards hard-work, so if you want to be better, and you want improve at next years Open, then put the hard-work in. 

Always remember that you are not alone with this, every single person at CrossFit VSC wants to get better and every single Coach at CrossFit VSC lives for your development. So talk to your fellow athletes, chat with your Coaches and make getting better your priority.

Do all this and I promise you that the rewards you will gain this time next year will justify and exceed all the hard-work you have applied!

For more information on this topic please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime!

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