What is Active Recovery?

By Jackie Babington.

Active recovery is basically, using low-intensity movement to help promote blood flow through the body and re-fill the areas we have forced fluid out of during exercise. This can, if done properly, assist in the improved recovery of sore muscles and a smoked nervous system.

What are some specific things I can do?

- Work on some of your core development drills (which I will specify in my video blog)
- Do mobility (ROMWOD is very handy for this with videos you just follow along with)
- Try a low-intensity yoga class (this is the perfect time to use your free session at the Pilates and Yoga Shed*)
- You can also work on stability movements like holding a handstand or practicing your pistol squats
- If you feel you are injury prone or need to pre-hab your shoulders, knees or back (this is basically strengthening smaller weak muscles that can often be a contributor to you getting niggles/injuries ), asking one of the coaches for ideas of things to work on can make a big difference in staying on top of these.
- Massage is also a really lovely way to actively recover from an intense few days of training.
- Try a sport you’ve never tried, go kick a football, practice cartwheels in a park somewhere or just go for a gentle long walk.

Remember, you are always welcome to come into the gym on your rest day to hang out and do some low intensity work. If you need help, we are always around to lend a hand and give you things to work on. In addition to this we have some really handy posters pinned up around the gym with ideas you can do on your rest day.

Although Listen to your body when it comes to choosing your rest days as some weeks you may need one or two extra days for whatever reason, so do what you know is best for your body.

Overtraining (as mentioned in my first rest and recovery video) has a wide range of issues that come with it, so be kind to your body as, although its strong, it’s not indestructible.