The dangers of self-diagnosis or Google/ YouTube-diagnosis

As a budding young trainer with the want to give my clients every answer as quickly as possible (and look super knowledgeable) I am very guilty of having done this in my early years as a PT. When I have a client in front of me worried they can't achieve their goals because of an existing knee injury or health issue they have never had looked at, I wanted to be the person to solve their problems. However, having gone through issues personally that affected my training, overtime I truly understood the importance of getting a true professional/coach to help me work on my injury or training sticking point.

With injuries/ niggles, Google can't look into the issues below the surface or screen you for potential problems. A visit to Dr Google for 'knee pain exercises' may result in you exacerbating an injury through the exercises spat out in a search engine. Don't waste time and effort making it worst and get it seen to by someone who can tailor the treatment to an issue they are trained for years to find.

The same goes for training related issues, and commonly Olympic lifting. I've often seen members video taping their lifts, only to look at them with their untrained eye in an effort to try and find a problem they can fix. Don't get me wrong, I love it when you guys take a keen interest in your training and doing personal research. Although YouTube videos can be handy in getting additional training tips with gymnastics (even these can be limited to higher ability levels) , it isn't the best for self-diagnosing an issue in YOUR Olympic lift. Every class in the CrossFit VSC timetable has at least 2-4 coaches on to help you with these exact issues. Heck, that's what we live and breathe and many of us have years of experience under our belt closely watching clients movements and troubleshooting issues to help them progress. This is a massively valuable resource and, if used properly and advice taken on board, you can get a huge benefit from.

We love seeing you guys do well and getting the solutions you need quickly, so give us a heads up on injuries or training sticking points and we will always do our best to point you in the right direction (Google and YouTube don't care like we