Three ways you can be a little more awesome...

By Jackie Babington

Fuel with Fire: (more of a rehash for food challenge participants and a reminder for everyone else) Clean, simple and close to the source food is made to give us so many good nutrients in a way it was presented to us in nature. Well fuelled machines always work best, so fuel your body like a formula one car!! Quantities that enable us to train effectively but don't stifle our fire. If you overfuel the engine, our bodies like storing it for later (aka increase body fat) or simply work slower when we have too much in our tank. Learn to develop ways to find moderation in your food intake (simply eating clean, healthy food with plenty of fibrous green vegetables helps naturally moderate your satiety and minimise overeating) Drinking plenty of water (even when it's cold), as our strength potential is really affected by hydration. Our muscles are made up of 50-60% of water so even a 10% drop in hydration can affect your lifts dramatically. Dehydration + no gains = an unhappy Crossfitter!!

Get more Flexy: If your tight, when was the last time you worked on it outside of the stretching in class? Ask one of the coaches for some awesome stretches you can do outside of class to help improve areas you know suck for you and are hampering your ability to move well. Not sure what to work on? Ask yourself.... are your able to move weight overhead without restriction or do your elbows stay bent? Can you consistently hit full depth in squats without the coaches giving a little reminder to go deeper? Are there any of the stretches in class you struggle to do? If there are issues in any of the above flexibility areas then it's super important that you put in extra time to work on these to even out some of the creases in your foundations.

Training Tracking, Visions and goals: if you never measure, then how can you see progress? Many (I'm pretty confident) come into CrossFit wanting to see improvements, but so many never pop their scores into Zenplanner at the end of the workout. This little app is super handy for helping you see how big your gains have been over the year and also for helping you workout percentages that almost always come up in strength pieces. In addition to tracking your progress, having solid, locked in goals gives you direction to steer your efforts. Both having a combination of awesome goals and visions (see Adam or Tan for more structure with this) and keeping a track of your performance makes your time in CrossFit move faster in a forward direction and prevent you from feeling like you're stuck in a training rut. Just making small improvements in the above areas can help move you in a more kick butt direction, not only in CrossFit but in the way you move, feel and function in the rest of your day.

Enjoy chipping away ❤️❤️