Why You Should Warm Up With INTENSITY

By Scott Somerville

Warm ups, we do them every day and there is a reason for it. This part of the class is
critical and should be hit with as much intensity as the WOD.

The warm up is used to increase blood flow to the muscles that will be used for the
session, decrease stiffness from previous sessions and decrease the risk of injury.

Warming up with intensity and making sure your muscles are actually warm will increase
your speed and strength, increase your range of motion and reduce the chance of pulling
or straining muscles. When the coaches write the warm up part of the class it is designed
for that particular WOD and not just something that is thrown up to fill 10 minutes at the
beginning of the class.

When you finish the warm up you should be sweating and ready to go, if you’re not then
you’re most likely not warm enough to hit that class with maximum effort. Nothing good will
come out of not giving it everything.

We start off with a general warm up and then most days we will have a specific warm up
for the class. The specific warm ups we do for our Olympic lifting days or before the
METCON to warm up for the movements should be done with correct technique and with
the same intensity as the general warm up. There is no benefit just going through the
motions. These warm ups are also the perfect time to practice the movements.

Just as important as the warm up is cooling down and stretching. Stretching after a
workout will lengthen and strengthen the muscles, it will help with recovery and prepare
your body for the next session. Another benefit of cooling down is to get rid of lactic acid
that has been building up while you have been smashing out your WOD. Getting rid of
lactic acid will also help with faster recovery.

When you walk through the door you should put in 100% so you are getting 100% out form start to finish! It's only one hour out of the day.