Consistency, Challenge and Rest.

By Jackie Babington.

Three really important elements I have found in your approach to CrossFit that give the BEST bang for buck are:

Being consistent - not only in your training frequency but consistent with standards, nutrition, hydration, with being coachable, with your flexibility, working on weaknesses and with challenging your mindset. Which brings me into....

Challenge - consistently challenging yourself on your weakness is a sure fire way to get good at CrossFit.... FAST. This is something that's just so easy to stray away from cause simply, hanging outside our comfort zone is just a yucky place to be. However, we've all had those workouts that started as 'oh not snatches/I hate running/yuck Burpees/I suck at wallballs'..... got through a workout and ended on ' that was horrible but I'm glad I did it/ yay my snatches feel better/ wallballs still suck but I got through them easier'. It's these moments we progress from both mentally and physically but it just takes one or two steps outside that comfort zone to reach it.

Rest rest rest - To balance these out nicely rest needs to also be consistent and a really a priority, especially for those of you looking to increase training frequency or compete. CrossFit is intense, that's what we love about it and this also challenges our nervous system (sometimes our soul on certain workouts!). This is why it is super important that we are kind and give it a rest day on a consistent basis and plenty of solid sleep.

Training 3 days on and 1 day off, then 1-2 days on 1 day off can be a good approach to make sure you get 2 consistent rest days in a week. 

If we don't get an effective sleep cycle and fail to drop into R.E.M. Stage of our sleep cycle (this is the stage where our body best repairs muscle tissue and recharges our nervous system) then our progress can be hampered.

Overall everyone has a different journey they're on with their CrossFit. Some of you love the competitiveness and shooting for the elite level, some are just happy to be able to make it 3 x a week, some use it as therapy and others have CrossFit as an awesome hobby that happens to keep them healthy. Whatever level your at, make sure you are always looking for ways to move outside your comfort zone, have fun in your workouts and be kind to your body along the way.