Know Your Coaches at CrossFit VSC

'Being able to help people hit mini wins and work on crushing their weaknesses is one of the biggest reasons I love Coaching’ - Jackie Babington

“Seeing people's enjoyment after the WOD is done and camaraderie it brings is what Coaching is all about, I love it” - Jodie Bennett

“I love Coaching and seeing the look on the athlete's face when they achieve their goals!” - Scott Sommerville

“I Coach to influence change, change in mind set, change in lifestyle, change to increase people potential.”- Tania Winter

“Being able to share the happiness I feel when I CrossFit with others is why I do what I do.”- Adam Winter


At CrossFit VSC we are a general population, fitness for life gym.  
What does this mean, it means we train your everyday person to become stronger, fitter and better than they have ever been.  We can take a member with no prior experience in training, and over time and with careful direction, we can turn them into a fantastic advanced athlete.  

At CrossFit VSC we are super lucky to have Coaches that have a genuine interest in the people they are Coaching.  The Coaches at VSC are very motivated and educated and seek no greater high than that which comes from getting an athlete to become the best they can be.  This is a Coaches income, this is what makes Coaching rewarding, this is what energises a coach at 6am and keeps them going with the same enthusiasm to 8pm.  

The above can all be summed up in one word- Passion. 
Passion cant be learned - you either have it or you don't.

The Coaches at VSC are driven by passion and it is this quality that makes them outstanding Coaches.  Coupled with passion the Coaches at VSC have countless hours of experience working with all different types of people and a number of qualifications ranging from Nutrition to gymnastics to weightlifting.  
The calibre of our Coaching staff is well equiped to take you from whiteboard warrior to top 1000 in the Australian Open. All that you need to do as an athlete is listen to what they are saying and trust in their guidance.

The Athlete:Coach Relationship

“A Coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, 
who has you see what you don't want to see, 
so you can be who you have always known you could be” - Tom Landry

Make no mistake, if you Crossfit, your an athlete.

It is the Coaches job to help you achieve what you want to achieve as an athlete, however to get to this end result there are many steps that as an athlete you may not realise you have to take.  To reach the maximum off your potential, you need to have the patience, ability and above all integrity to take direction from those that know how to get you to your peak performance. 

It is important to know that your Coaches not only have studied countless hours of literature about exercise physiology, they have also trained thousands of people over the space of their careers.  This gives them a unique insight into improving movement patterns of the human body and how to fix incorrect movement patterns that have been created.  It allows them to analyse what you are doing as an athlete, and build a plan on how they can make you better.  

Understanding that your Coaches are here to help you is vital for your success and will allow you to break through your barriers.  If you do not understand how something works or want to know more about something we are doing, simply ask the Coaches and they can further explain and get you closer to your goals.

Ability vs Knowledge.

There is a belief that exists in some people that every CrossFit Coach needs to be the greatest athlete in the world before they can Coach others.  As you are now all aware, CrossFit is bloody hard and to be awesome at everything takes time.  Your Coaches are actively working on becoming the best they can be and are much further along on their CrossFit journey than the athletes they coach.  This gives them an insight that must be trusted.

If you look across many sports, some of the best athletes in the world don't make the best Coaches, and some of the best Coaches in the world are not the best athletes.  There are many reasons for this and every reason is very individual in their nature.  
Most Coaches just simply make better Coaches than athletes.

Take a look at Usain Bolts Coach Glen Mills OD for example:

 Coach Glen Mills OD and Usain Bolt

Coach Glen Mills OD and Usain Bolt

Although extremely knowledgeable in his field, Coach Glen Mills was not much of a runner himself however had the passion and the knowledge to help people become the best they can be.  With Coach Glen Mills knowledge and Bolts relentless drive he has helped make the phenomenon that is Usain Bolt.

Every Coach worth their salt, is always on the pursuit of more information, new knowledge, constantly learning new things that will help them teach others.  Your VSC Coaches are relentless in this pursuit! If they cant answer something on the spot, you can bet they will have the answer next time they see you.  

Utilise your Coaches to become the best that you can be, and always know all the Coaches at VSC are here to help, support and guide you in any and all fitness endeavours you have.