Slow Is Smooth, Smooth is Fast

Slow is Smooth, Smooth is fast

What this relates to is our ability to stay consistent with our movements and move through each workout safely, effectively and relentlessly.  

We have all been there, continually missing reps in a WOD, getting frustrated and recording a dismal result.  This can be in relation to Olympic lifts or any gymnastic movements.  

There are many reasons that can cause this, some of which maybe because we are trying heavier weights in a met-con, or trying new movements that we haven't done before or simply because we are just having a bad day.  Couple the above with the pressure created when the timer starts and when people you usually beat in WODs start to overtake you and you have a recipe for a shit time!
When this happens in a WOD, if not addressed will lead to spiral of swearing, frustration and usually end with questions of “why am I doing this?” or “Am I getting worse at CrossFit?”

How to combat a Shit time:
As soon as you realise your having one of those days, step back for a second, take a deep breath and slow down.  This where the title of this at blog comes into play. When you slow down- 
-You are able to focus on the movement at hand,
-You remember the movement and how it works,
-You can catch your breath, and
-You are able to hear the Coaches cues.  

Slowing down allows the movement to become smooth and constant.  You will spend less time resting between reps and will move from one exercise to another without hesitation.

To be clear, slowing down doesn't not mean dropping your intensity, it means slow down so you can achieve the movements you are attempting and work consistently thought out the WOD.

The more you practice slow is smooth, smooth is fast, the overall speed in which you complete WODs will increase.  

The best example of Smooth is fast, fast is smooth is the awesome Rich Froning.  In every workout that you see Froning compete in you will see that his first reps look exactly like his last reps.  Although he looks like he is moving slowly he rarely stops to rest other than to take a deep breath in and then continues destroying every WOD.  His ability to stay composed throughout a workout allows him to stay consistent and leave his competitors in his wake. 

Check out the video belowof Froning completing a Snatch Ladder with increasing weights. Notice that Fronings first reps and last reps are almost identical and his composure is constant throughout the entire WOD.


So next time you find your WOD going pear shaped, step back and slow down- I promise you will be surprised at how much more efficient you can be.

For more information on this topic or any other, please don't hesitate to ask the Coaches at VSC.