How To Be a Better Crossfit Ninja

By Jackie Babington

As the old saying goes, you are only as strong as your biggest weakness, and this couldn't be truer in Crossfit.

Believe me, we all have our thing, you know that thing that's your jam, you have a party inside when you see it programmed and can't wait to hit the days WOD.

We also know that yucky feeling when (insert thing you wish never existed) is put into the WOD, and you almost want to skip it and call it a rest day, or even have a teeny tantrum mid workout.

The beauty of Crossfit is we get forced to face the things we are least strongest at almost as much as those we are strongest with. However there is nothing better than conquering those weaknesses and them often becoming 'your thing' because you worked so damn hard on them!!

- Spend Extra Time On them

Spending a little extra time, either before or after a session, to work on weaknesses (it can even be mobility) can pay off big time, not only in the things that you can start to do, but in the way your body moves, your weights going up and helping you stay away from injuries too!

- The Coaches Want you to Be a Ninja

Hit up the coaches for any skills and drills you can integrate into your training to make you a better. We live and breathe fitness so we will always find a way we can help. Also, I don't know if you all noticed, but we get just about as excited as you do when we can help you achieve something that you couldn't do before!

- Don't Avoid them

Make sure you do everything in your power to tackle your weaknesses head on. Avoiding them never works, cause they'll almost definitely come up in a workout and bite you in the butt for avoiding them.

Overall, CrossFit is about having fun and seeing some of the cool stuff the body is capable of doing. So enjoy the whole process, the good and bad.