New Program focus May-Aug 2016

The focus for this cycle of programming is Virtuosity.  

Virtuosity is defined as doing the common uncommonly well and will help each of you become better CrossFitters.

After the last 2 cycles of programming you have each learned new skills, further developed your strength and increased your work capacity greatly.  Its now time to refine your movements and increase your intensity to make you a more efficient CrossFitter. To achieve this, each class will now have a focus on mobility, skills and intensity:

Mobility- Good mobility is the ability for each of the joints in our body to move freely and through its full range of motion.  General life, training and excessive sitting leads to joints becoming stiff and limited and this can only be changed with constant work on mobility.  We will be teaching you effective mobilisation techniques that you must continue to use as much as possible throughout your day in order to achieve better mobility.  

Skills- There is always something to learn in CrossFit and thats why we love it.  Even if you know how to do something, becoming more efficient with that movement is the next step.  We will teach you the fundamentals of movements that you can build on in and outside of class.

Intensity-  This is where the fun begins.  In order to get fitter, in order to get better at what you do, in order to achieve things you never thought possible, you need to get out of your comfort zone.  You need to limit those rest times, break bad habits, stop giving up and push as hard as you can.  If you commit to each work out with everything you got, your results will reflect your efforts. Intensity in each workout is what leads to greater adaptation and helps you push your mental barriers further and further. 

If you have any questions about the new program please don’t hesitate to ask your coaches and we look forward to seeing you in class.