We Are Almost There!!!!

We re coming up to week 4 of 5 of the 2016 CrossFit Games Open, and for all of us its been a challenging and exciting 3 weeks so far.

Each week, whether you are scaled or RX, you have put it all on the line and pushed as hard as your body will allow.  The increased energy at the Box combines with a keen competitive spirit that is within each of us.  What is produced is a series of athletic physical achievements that is both motivating for the individual and amplifying for the community. 

This increased level of effort is what the Open is all about and in essence why competition brings out the best in us.  

However this increased level of effort will take its toll on your body and its vital that you respond correctly.  Going into these last 2 weeks it is very important that you listen to your body and rest if you are feeling a little low in energy.  

Rest could mean several things: firstly you might take 1 or 2 days completely off to reenergise and get ready for the coming Open workouts.  Another option would be to come to class and go light with the weights, and not put in maximal efforts during the conditioning pieces.  Either way, backing off the accelerator at training will allow you to recoup and get into the best possible position to attack the rest of the Open successfully.  

The last 2 workouts of the Open are historically very hard and I am pretty sure 2016 will be no different.  I can guarantee you that the workouts will demand you bring your A game and be ready to face any and all challenges.

It goes without saying, but your nutrition must be on point.  This means eating only the best possible foods that your body will metabolise and use effectively.  Those of you who did the food challenge leading up to the Open will remember how good you felt during this challenge, get back to this!  There is only 2 weeks left, knuckle down, make the right nutritional decisions and reap the rewards of clean eating.

During this week it is important to look back at the last 3 weeks and fully recognise everything you have accomplished.  
If its your first Open, you should be proud that you have answered the challenge and have stepped up to every workout.  No doubt you would have pushed more than you have ever in class and that in itself is awesome.
For those who have done the Open before, take note at how far you have come.  Remember what you couldn't do last year and realise what you are able to do this year. 

During the Open so far, each of you have accomplished something great that is individual to you, and only you know how hard you have worked to achieve it.  You must use this to fuel your fight for the next 2 events and finish strong for the 2016 Open.

Good luck and always have fun!!!!