Considerations For Goal Settings

By Chris Roccisano

So you are six months to a year or two into CrossFit and everything is going well. You have stepped up the consistency of your training from “I can’t walk the next day”  to “why are my hands always sore?”.  Rarely missing a day of training, unless it’s a “rest-day” and furthermore, training is the only thing you look forward to at the end of your work day…so what’s next in your fitness journey?

You always hear about goal setting. Simply write down a goal, put some steps in to help you achieve that goal and BINGO you will achieve it.  Unfortunately, it is not that simple and can be detrimental to think it is that easy.  Without proper planning or consideration of ALL factors you are likely to miss your targets more often than you hit them. So what is proper goal setting and why should you care about it.

Firstly, let’s look at the process in a more holistic view and you will see that an individuals goal is the result of many systems that make up the overall picture that is goal setting. The list below are some factors to consider when thinking about your individual goals, designed to integrate with each other to help achieve the best possible outcome for you.

1. Personality Inventory- What are your strengths and weaknesses?
2. Motivation- What are your motivations?
3. What do you want to achieve?
4. Self-Talk- Do you respond to positive or negative cues?
5. Psychology - What type of person are you- driven? Self motivated? Optimistic? Do you have integrity?
6. Discipline- can you stay on track? are you focused and committed? 
7.Stress & Anxiety Management- How do you cope with pressure?
8. Imagery- Can you visualise what you want?

So what does this all mean:

  1. From a Coaches’ eye, If we know more about you we can better understand:
    -why you are training.
    -What approach yields the best response from you.
    -What you need to focus on.
    -Help priorities the important stuff.
    -Keep you on track, and
    - Keep you focused and motivated.

        2. From Your eyes:
            -Understanding the real steps and time frame to achieve your goal.
            -Whether or not it is the right goal for you at this point in time.
            -Seeing where you are at the present time.
            -Understanding how to optimise your approach
           - Understand the unknowns that might be limiting you at the moment.

So whether you are a Rx athlete, sports focused person or someone who just wants to be fit for life, having an understanding of, 

  • where your are now, 
  • where you want to be and 
  • how your going to get there,
    Will increase your ability in training and maximise your potential for success.

Like always, it’s a pleasure and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me next time we are in the gym.  Keep your eyes forward for some more information regarding this topic and have a great rest of the day.

Ciao for now • Be Awesome • Coach Chris