4 Easy Holiday Workout Ideas

By Scott Somerville

It’s that time of year again - holidays! You have worked your butt off and you well and truly deserve a holiday away... but don't forget the hours of hard work you have put in at the box.

Holidays are a great time for you to unwind and celebrate everything you have achieved throughout the year. A time to catch up with family and friends, indulge in food you wouldn’t normally eat every day, and booze you definitely wouldn’t drink every day. Keeping up with your exercise will mean you don’t return from your holidays feeling sluggish. It will keep you motivated, and give your body that extra energy to enjoy the festive season and help you get back at the box in 2017.

We all know how hard that first session back at the box is after the holiday season, especially if you don't keep up with a little bit of fitness. So, let’s make this easy! All you need to take with you is your rope, the hotel, resort or holiday house will provide the rest. 

Here are 4 quick and easy workouts you can do while you’re away from the box:
Remember to always spend about 10 minutes doing a good warm up!

Day 1 - 3 rounds, 30 Double unders, 15 push ups, 30 air squats
Day 2 - 150 air squats for time
Day 3 - 5 rounds, 30 second hand stand hold, 20 sit ups, 20 lunges
Day 4 - 7 minutes of burpees

You get the idea on how simple it can be – keep it going and make up your own workouts and get stuck into it. Be creative, you really can do a heap of workouts without ever leaving your hotel room or house. 

You can even find exercise that will seamlessly fit into your day. While you’re out and about enjoying the sunshine, and exploring new surroundings, go for a run or find a walking trail or practice your double unders in the open air. If you’re in a hotel or resort check out the gym, hit up the rower on one of the days and then cool off with a swim in the hotel pool or the beach.

Exercising while you’re away will create a moment for you to switch off and focus on you to recharge. Keeping it short and impactful, will make you feel so much better about what you’re eating and drinking.

Don't make these workouts stressful, make them fun and work on some weaknesses to help you hit the ground running when you get back to the box. Remember the CrossFit Open is in February!

If you need any other ideas or help with workouts while you’re away feel free to hit up any of the coaches at VSC.

Enjoy your well-earned holidays and Merry Christmas!