Our New Program Focus

For the last 9 months at VSC we have had a focus on developing your strength and building your skill level with your olympic lifts.  

Now its time to switch the focus to increasing your conditioning ability, and using your developed strength and O-lift skill to increase the amount of work you can do in any amount of time.

Our New program is focused on:

  • Increasing your work capacity
  • Developing your basic skills, and 
  • Breaking the routines you are used too.

But why I here you ask:
Firstly we all want to be fitter for life, thats why we do CrossFit, and the best way to do this is to constantly challenge your self in new domains of fitness. Getting used to the same structure of training, the same rep schemes and the same routine, allows your self to fall into a comfort zone that doesn't promote aggressive adaptation, which is what we need to increase our fitness.  

Secondly, no matter how long you have been doing CrossFit the basic skills involved can always be better.  The V in VSC stands for Virtuosity,  which means doing the common uncommonly well.  This refers to the ability to perform basic movements as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. A movement as simple as a push-up can be worked and developed until it becomes the most efficient form of itself.

Furthermore, as most of you now know what the CrossFit Games Open is (for those who don’t know, you can read about it here) and that it is fast approaching on the 25th of February.  The new program focus is designed to build on your skills and strength and further prepare you for this awesome event.

In relation to the weekly structure of the program, if you are someone who comes every day then I strongly suggest you follow the following work/rest structure:

Train- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Rest- Thursday, Sunday

The weekly program is geared towards the above format in relation to level of intensity and the way it increases or decreases around rest days.  

Having said that, it is up to the individual to listen to your body and make sure you are able to train at a safe intensity.  

Although Thursdays are a rest day, there will still be regular CrossFit classes on that day that fits into our programming structure.

If you have any questions about our current program, would like advice on how to approach your training or would like further information, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I look forward to seeing you all at the box!