Tight calves? Don’t have a cow man, we’ve got your back…of the leg.

One issue that I have been hearing lately is tight calves. This is an important topic to mention as it is often over looked and can be one of the reasons that you are limited in your squat, not to mention a host of other potential problems that may arise from having over tight calves.

Firstly let’s see what causes the tightness and then I will get into a few tips that you can use to help with the tension back there.

Calf muscles may have gradually tightened up over a period of months through not stretching enough before and after training. Tiny micro tears in the muscles cause them to go into spasm. When they are in spasm or contracted then blood cannot easily get into them. The muscles have squeezed the blood out like a sponge. If the muscles do not get enough blood then they will not get enough nutrients and so will tighten up to protect themselves and weaken and so on. - (http://www.sportsinjuryclinic.net/sport-injuries/ankle-achilles-shin-pain/tight-calf-muscles)

So now we know what may cause the tightness but where can we go from here? I have linked a video from YouTube that shows some great ways to help stretch out the calves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Vcebb9AaTE .

I hope this has been helpful and please remember that we are always here if you need some help.

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Coach Chris