The 2015 Open Has Ended

The 2015 CrossFit Games Open is now over.  Over the last 5 weeks each of you who competed faced up to the challenge every week.  Not knowing what the workout will be, and not knowing if you would be able to do it, you still showed up, gave it everything and participated in the biggest online fitness challenge the world has seen.  

Each of you should be so proud of your individual efforts.  I genuinely had goosebumps watching all of you compete as it was great to see how far you all had come and also the fact that each of you were competing on a world stage.  It was truly awesome to witness this.

There were some great workouts that forced people to do things that they never thought possible, then there were workouts that uncovered areas of improvement and then there were workouts that just plane old sucked, and hopefully we will never have to see again.

The Open is so many things to so many people. The main thing that it should be for everyone is a guide as to what you need to improve on, learn and develop to make your self efficient and competent in all the areas CrossFit has to offer.  

If you couldn’t  muscle up or handstand-push up this year, then these should be a priority that you actively seek to learn inside and outside class times.  If the Rx weights were to heavy for you, then your focus going forward should be on developing your strength. If you could do all the movements, but you were just not fast enough, then learning efficiencies in movement, developing your strength and improving on your benchmark times are the focus.  Dont hesitate to talk to your coaches for additional help and guidance when it comes to planning how to improve on your priorities. 

Your results are now in, your fitness position in Australia and in the world for 2015 are now locked away and we will be celebrating this on Thursday Night at our Open Ended Party.  

It is now time to forget about the open have a little rest over the Easter weekend and get back to focusing on your regular training.  We have a new strength program starting on Tuesday the 7th of April, so over the long weekend get your self a seatbelt and get ready to strap your self in for some Mega GainZ!

Most importantly take what you learned about yourself throughout the Open and use it to further develop your quality of life.  

Well done to everyone who gave it their all and a little bit more.

The VSC Coaching Team couldn’t be prouder.