What Your Coaches Are About

What Sam and I write up on the board is not a random flurry of exercises, but a well thought out and tested program, that if followed correctly, will see each individual athlete improve their fitness well beyond their own expectations.

At the start of every month we organise a program structure for each class with a definitive goal for that program.  Each rep, set, exercise, combination of exercises, warm up, weight percentage and time frame, have been carefully thought out and created to optimise each athletes training session.

Every week Sam and I meet to discuss the progress of each athlete, and identify weakness that we must address.  

Through our individual experiences in the fitness industry and through the extensive research we continuously do,  we know how to identify the potential each athlete has within them, even if the individual can’t see it for themselves.  When we ask you for 1 more rep, or to add more weight or to push harder, it is because we know you are capable of it, and we need you to understand that when you say I can’t, you are doing your self a massive dis-service.

We as coaches are here to help each athlete become better than they think they can be, and we will always be relentless in this pursuit.

We are constantly learning new techniques, greater efficiencies in movement and better ways of doing things in order to pass this vital information on to you, the athlete who is paying for our services.  

We love when you ask us questions, this shows us that you are here to learn and want to understand what you are doing.  

However do not question your coaches and debate the program, if you don’t like the program and do not want to follow it, then simply find another box to train at, as our passion for training is to be utilised by those who want to become better, not wasted by those who don’t. 

The effectiveness of our programming can be seen through the strength gains and increased fitness that has been achieved by majority of our athletes.

The next time your at the Box, remember that what ever we ask of you is for your own benefit.  We want you to get stronger, we want you to move better and faster, we want you to have that moment of realisation that you have just done something you never thought you could do. This is what its all about.  The continuous and relentless pursuit of becoming better than you were yesterday.

This is what your Coaches are all about, so allow us to help you.