VSC Strength Cycle

Ask yourself these questions:
- Is overall strength a clear weakness?
- Do you find that ANY of the workouts “too heavy” for you?
- Do you want to take the next couple of months to primarily focus on getting stronger without letting your conditioning fitness suffer? 

There are several other questions we could ask you, however this program is focused towards a person who has great conditioning, great lifts and mobility however struggles with their overall and top end strength. 

In total the program goes for 5 weeks that concludes with a deload and testing on week 5. After the conclusion of this program you can move on to the next program or restart on our daily WODs and take your new earned strength for a spin. 

You will be given a detailed program and we will explain to you how it works. You then will be able to come and perform your daily work during any regular class that you usually train at.

The program consists of a 3 day spilt with at least 1 day between sessions, during which you can take part in the regular WOD’s.

In a perfect world you would do strength MON/WED/FRI leaving options for conditioning days TUES/THURS/SAT (PLEASE DON’T TRAIN 6 DAYS A WEEK!!!) 

On the daily WOD’s you will perform the WOD as usual with the exception of the strength portion being reduced to a very light load eg. 3x10 good-mornings will still be done but you won’t be trying to push this hard.

If you enjoy and want to continue with this style of training the programs will continue and evolve to become more complex as your needs require over time.

If this Strength Cycle is something you would be interested in email us at crossfitvsc@gmail.com or visit reception and we can get you started. If you have any question please don’t hesitate to ask the coaches.