Where is the Gainz Train going?

Where is the gainz train going…

First off, a huge congratulations on everyone’s big 3RM PRs!! Well done. We hit 10 weeks of linear progression and it payed off!

Next we will be utilizing a Wendler 5,3,1 format for the 4 major Power Lifts (Deadlift, Strict Press, Squat, and Front Squat).

For the four Main Lifts of this cycle (Deadlift, Strict Press, Squat, Front Squat), you will be basing all of your percentages off of your 3RM’s we tested. The format will look like this

Week 1

1x5 @75%

1x5 @80%

1xMax Effort @85%


Week 2

1x3 @80%

1x3 @85%

1xMax Effort @90%


Week 3

1x5 @85%

1x3 @90%

1xMax Effort @95%


This translate as week 1

·      1 set of 5 repetitions at 75 % of your 3 rep max (3RM x .75)

·      1 set of 5 repetitions at 80 % of your 3 rep max

·      1 set of as many repetitions as possible at 85 % of your 3 rep max



So let’s talk for a second about the Max Effort sets. The Max Effort sets are meant to be just that, MAXIMUM effort. However, that does not mean that this represents the time to loose your mind, ‘bro-out’ and throw all your technique and movement quality out the door. The Max Effort sets provide the opportunity for you to consume the strongest black coffee you can find and unleash hell on the bar while maintaining as perfect technique as humanly possible.



Data and tracking your result.

I randomly grabbed 4 books from under the stereo this week to get a start on the new 3RM board and I couldn’t understand anything or find simple stuff like 3RM results.

So, here is how we want you to track data/results for the next cycle.

Monday 22/9

Power Clean 5RM – 85kg

ME set @90% - 75kg x 8reps

1a. Squat 1 x 5 @ 70kg 1 x 5 @ 75kg 1 x 10 reps @ 85kg

1b. Max rep pullups – 12 / 8 / 8


Tuesday 23/9

1a. Split Jerk 5 sets to max – 50x3 60x3 70x3 80x3 87.5x3 

1b. 5 sets Death March x10 – use 15kg plates


Wednesday 24/9

Clean  - 3RM – 92.5

ME set @90% - 82.5kg x 5reps

1a. Press 1x5@40kg 1x5@45kg 1x8@50kg

1b. weighted pullups/row heavy triples – 16kg x 3





Friday 26/9

Clean  - 5x3 @90% of WED 3RM – 82.5kg

1a. Front Squat 1x5@60kg 1x5@65kg 1x9@75kg

1b. Max rep pullups – 13 / 9 / 7


Saturday 27/9

1a. Deadlift 1x5@85kg 1x5@90kg 1x10@100kg

1b. Pendley row 3x5  - 50kg


That’s a great week of training, we have your weights recorded, your max effort sets recorded, all you assistance work recorded! That simple.