But Coach Didn’t We Squat Last Week ?

I want to outline some of the key points to our current program, why we are doing it and what we expect from you.

So as most of you have seen and felt around 12 weeks ago we started a basic linear progression cycle with the back and front squat, pushpress and deadlift. This worked really well and most of you achieved a 5rm almost double what we started on. Great work but that’s just the beginning ! Now we have moved to a slightly more advanced progression.

Looks something like this


Back squat 3x5 increasing 2.5kg every week


Strict press and Goodmorning increasing weekly


Test day – Back squat 5RM


Front Squat heavy 3’s increasing weekly


Deadlift 5RM increasing weekly


On top of this we layer in Olympic lifts (alternating cleans and snatches weekly) assistance work like pullups and row handstands ect and conditioning.

So how does it all work…?

We will work hard for 4 weeks on the strength (listed above) progressing week to week then have a lighter week on week 5, this is called a deload week. It’s just as important as your hard weeks. We will still do the same movements with the difference being on the strength work will be around 65% of the previous week. The conditioning will still be tough and your expected to come in and do you best as always.

Now I cannot stress this enough…. YOU MUST KEEP TRACK OF WHAT YOU LIFTED EVERY DAY ! Go today and get a note pad from office works or coles and after every session write down your strength numbers !!! Leave the book at the gym. This is sooooooo simple and no one is doing it ! GET ON IT ASAP

So why are we doing this ?

Getting stronger should be a constant goal. There will never be a point were you can say ‘Yeah I can squat enough now’ NO YOU CANT. Simply put the stronger you are the easier everything else will be, think 40kg thrusters are hard? Nope your just not strong enough, cant climb a rope ? cant do handstands ? Getting stronger will enable you to do more work in our conditioning session, which means better results faster ! I can name 10 workouts of the top of my head that no one can do purely because of a strength deficit. So get stronger, move!

-Sam Cannons

In addition to the above strength program we are also incorporating longer conditioning WOD's on Tuesday's, Thursday's and Saturday's.  On these days the point is for you to see how your new found strength helps you with your conditioning and drive home the point that you can always get stronger.  

On Saturdays we will also use this time to teach you some new skills such as handstands, muscle ups etc.

Its been such an exciting last couple of months at VSC with some big lift numbers being thrown around and some amazing strength progression being developed.  The next couple of months will be just as exciting as your strength leads you to new abilities and each of you achieving things you never thought you could.  

The possibilities are limitless if you follow the program and continue to give 100%.

In the words of Mark Ripptoe:

"I applaud your resolve, and I welcome you to the community of people who have decided that EASY will no longer suffice.” 

-Adam Winter