The Next 2 Weeks of Training at VSC

This week is the Final week of an 8-week strength program that you have all been apart of. Its focus was to get you all squatting better and heavier and for you to feel the benefits of developing your strength.

If you haven’t notice already all of you are lifting between 30kg and 50kg (Back Squat) more than you were when you started this program and for that I applaud you all for your courage and dedication!

It has been great to watch each of you get past the head F*%K of lifting heavy and breaking through some barriers.

Next week will be a testing week, where you will be working up to a 5-Rep Max. The idea is to use the numbers you crush this week as a point of reference to work from in next weeks testing phase.

After the testing week we will be changing the program a little bit so you can take your new strength gains out for a spin and fully understand why strength development is so important. And also finally get what Sam and I have been cracking on about.

I look forward to seeing some awesome numbers next week, and you should each be excited about the inner beast that will be unleashed next week when you come in to shift some steal!