CrossFit VSC Stands For



Doing the common, un-commonly well.

At CrossFit VSC we have a big focus on technique and movement efficiency. We strongly believe in quality over quantity and that efficient movement of the body promotes a better life.



Strong minds create strong bodies and strong bodies live healthier happier lives.

At CrossFit VSC it is our mission to increase your physical ability and build your confidence in order for you to become your best self.



CrossFit VSC is a social hub where people get together to train, motivate and help one another grow in their individual abilities.

At CrossFit VSC we harnesses the power of camaraderie to increase each persons work rate and level of enjoyment. Here you are apart of a community where you are accountable to yourself and your fellow CrossFitters.

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our coaches

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Adam Winter

Owner/Head Coach

“It is only through labour and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things.


sam hanna

CrossFit Coach

“Great things never come from comfort zones.”

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Scott Somerville

Crossfit Coach

“Strong people are harder to kill and more useful in general”


Tania Winter

General Manager

“Stay humble, stay original and stay real.”


our facility


Our Box is over 440 square meters, which gives each member a comfortable and safe amount of space to train in.

Over 20 Olympic Barbells
Several sets of Premium Olympic Bumper plates
Over 60 Kettlebells ranging from 8kg to 32kg
Over 60 Dumbbells landing from 5kg to 25kg
25 Wall Balls ranging from 4kg to 10kg
6 Concept 2 Rowers, 1 Ski Erg
3 Assault AirBikes
10 Squat Racks
Pull Up space for 35 people
3 Climbing ropes
Prowler sleds and Battle Ropes
20 Square Metres of Indoor Turf
18 Plyometric boxes
Strongman Tractor Tyres and Sledge hammers

VSC is equipped with everything a Strength and Conditioning Facility should have to ensure you get the workout you are looking for.

Come check us out and get started today!