What is CrossFit?

Learn about the basic principals of CrossFit, the history, the CrossFit Games and how it allows people with different levels of fitness and ability to train alongside each other.

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About CrossFit VSC

CrossFit VSC encourages people to look past the aesthetic benefits of fitness and focus on performance as a major motivator.

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Free Trial

The Free Trial is designed to give you a taste as to what CrossFit is and how we run our classes at CrossFit VSC.

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CrossFit Tech

At CrossFit VSC we have a great focus on proper technique and effective movement. In order for us to maintain our high quality standards, every new member must go through our CrossFit Tech course as part of their first 2 weeks of their membership.

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Classes and Facilities

CrossFit VSC classes are capped at 6 members to 1 coach. Each class runs for 1 hour and starts with a warm-up and then moves onto skill training, instruction and movement standards and then the WOD  (workout of the day).

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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