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Interested in starting at crossfit vsc?

Follow this guide to get started

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Come and experience for yourself what CrossFit is all about, and learn how we can help you increase your quality of life.

What to expect at your free trial:

  • Intro to What CrossFit is?
  • Effective warm up
  • Relavent mobility and activation
  • Skills demonstration
  • Workout (WOD)
  • Cool down and stretching
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STEP 2 -

Intro to CrossFit

Personal Training

At CrossFit VSC we have a great focus on proper technique and effective movement. In order for us to maintain our high quality standards, every new to CrossFit member must go through our 2x1hour Intro to CrossFit Personal Training sessions, to learn the basics of CrossFit.

During these session you will be introduced to the basic movements of CrossFit including:

  • Foundation Gymnastics
  • Foundations of Olympic Lifting
  • Foundations of external object weight training
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STEP 3 - membership

Sign up to a membership and continue to build your skills, ability, strength and fitness in a supportive and fun group class.

Lifestyle Membership

  • Unlimited access to all classes including:
  • CrossFit, Barbell Tech, Gymnastics Tech, Mobility Tech, Run Tech
  • Specialty Seminars (eg: Goal Setting, Nutrition)
  • Workshops (eg: Odd objects/ Strongman)
  • BodyScan (by request)

Basic CrossFit Membership

  • Limited to 3 CrossFit sessions per week. Also included in this membership is access to the following value add on:
  • CrossFit, Barbell Tech

Our vision

Our vision is geared towards inclusivity, scalability, and driving results. Our primary objective is to effectively elevate your overall quality of life.

We drive fitness results using top-tier coaching, and the accountability of a community that elevates one another towards their fitness goals.

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Personal ServiceS

In addition to our regular CrossFit classes, we offer extra services to help take your training and development to the next level.



We have Members from all walks of life.
Hear what they have to say about CrossFit VSC .

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